Zebra Tales

Hanna '27

Hometown: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Groton activities: Orchestra, Active Minds, JV crew, One-Acts

Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: What pleasantly surprised me at Groton was how effortlessly I connected with upperclassmen. Instead of a daunting hierarchy, I found a space that welcomed me with open arms. From helping me navigate hallways to sharing insider tips on Groton life, I've found great friends from all walks of life.

Favorite class: Latin 1 with Mrs. Bannard defied the stereotype of dry and dull ancient languages. Her passion for Latin and irresistible baked goods bewitched me from day one. The class's true magic was the eclectic dynamic—jovial banter mixed with competitive spirit, leading us to victory in the National Latin Exam against our opposing class. The following breakfast celebration tasted even sweeter with a side of success.

Most memorable Groton moment: Groton’s birthday celebration, a wild campus scavenger hunt ensued for hidden zebra plushies. With secret insider information, my dorm and I made our way to the Chapel. I triumphantly found our zebra in a peculiar spot—a seat in the Sixth Form section! In a frenzy of joy, we captured the moment with a commemorative photo and, of course, to impress the deans.

Favorite Dining Hall food: The chocolate milkshakes they unveil once a year! Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Favorite place to study: The large round table at the back of the Schoolroom

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