Zebra Tales

Agathe '24

Hometown: London, England, United Kingdom

Groton activities: Dance, basketball, crew, theater, Circle Voice student newspaper

Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: Chapel is quite enjoyable and not as religious as I thought it would be.

Favorite class: English–I love the versatility of the material we cover. From debates about whether the climax of The Great Gatsby is in chapter 5 or 7 to visiting the art gallery to write ekphrastic poems, it’s always an engaging class filled with surprising conversations.

Most memorable Groton moment: Jumping in the Nashua River after the final crew practice!

Favorite Dining Hall food: Stir-fry noodles with tofu

Favorite place to study: The quiet section with large desks on the third floor of the Schoolhouse, behind the huge green clock

List of 9 news stories.

  • Post-win boat photo on Saturday 13/05

    AP Week Complete: Spring has truly begun!

    After two weeks (May 1-14) of studying, testing, and more studying, I am proud to have completed my 4 AP (advanced placement) exams: English Literature and Composition, US History, Calculus BC, and English Language and Composition. 

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  • Day 1 with Olivia (2 - empty bow bc not everyone had arrived yet), Amelia (3), Sydney (4), Alice (5), Laurie (6), Me (7), Kit (stroke), and Becca coxing


    DAY 1 (thu, 23rd): Having just arrived back to school from the airport, I was expecting a slow steady erg piece to start off preseason. The first trip down to the boathouse was one of many surprises Cola (head coach) had in stock for us.
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  • Celebrating MLK Day!

    Today we celebrate MLK day. We started the morning all gathered in the Campbell Performing Arts Center (CPAC) with a performance of “Killing Me Softly With His Song” by Fugees, featuring Lauryn Hill sung and performed (guitar and drums) by Afrika, Ebun, Luisa, and Tiyanu.
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  • Photos from the parents' weekend performance!

    Dance Performance Wraps up Fall Term

    As the first term of the year wrapped up, the dance team performed a couple of the pieces we had been working on throughout the term in the studio. 
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  • Wildlife Photographer of the year

    Thanksgiving Break of Art

    After an hour-long bus ride, six-hour airport wait, six-hour flight, and one-hour car ride, I finally found myself back home in a bustling 8:00 am London for Thanksgiving break. 
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  • The Zebra (Groton's mascot) Cake

    Blue Bottles: Fifth Form’s One and Only Chance

    Each year, we celebrate Groton’s birthday on October 13. It’s a day full of birthday songs and historical anecdotes, culminating in a fun formal dinner. 
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  • Dorm Storm! Ishizuka(my dorm) dressed up as construction workers!

    Fifth Form: Third Year of Surprises

    It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m lying on the Circle, which seems greener than ever after the loosening of COVID-19 restrictions. The first week of school has gone by, and I’m finally back into a routine I’d been looking forward to tremendously in the last days of summer. Although this is already my third year at Groton, each year has felt very new, especially this one, considering all of last year’s COVID-19 protocols that we shook off. 

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  • 1:00 a.m. Writing Marathon!

    Writing about writing! One of my favorite things to do, when I don’t know what to write about. This is an exception, though. I’m choosing to write about what I wrote this summer.
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  • Stunting at the baptist center

    Circus Workshop at Ukraine-Romania Border

    After following the Russian-Ukraine war news from a far away distance, I was finally able to do something other than send wishes of survival and quick recovery to Ukrainian families.
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