Zebra Tales

Jared '22

Hometown: Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Groton activities: Tennis, basketball, Investment Club, Model Congress, GEO Board

Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: How good the Dining Hall food was

Favorite class: Spanish 6 because I really enjoyed how we delved deeply into books and projects and worked hard to understand obscure texts and consider difficult philosophical questions

Most memorable Groton moment: During my second form year, when Powers Trigg [’20], a member of our tennis team, was playing the set to decide whether Groton or Andover would take home the New England championship.

Favorite Dining Hall food: Burgers

Favorite place to study: Study rooms in the library

List of 5 news stories.

  • Reflections on My Junior Year and the End of the Term

    As things wind down here on the Circle, we are getting to the time of lasts at Groton. My last AP, Statistics, came a week ago, my last tennis match a few days ago. Our last days with the seniors are upon us now…
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  • Looking Back on Fall Term

    This term, to my surprise, has been one of my favorites at Groton. Coming into the term, I was pretty concerned about COVID-19 and its effect on life at Groton. I thought that the term would be completely different from any we had before, and I was wondering whether it might’ve been better to go remote to avoid whatever restrictions were placed on us.
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  • First Week at Groton

    I’m writing this post on Saturday – exactly a week since my arrival to Groton. My time here so far has gone by in a blur. The first day, after checking in and getting tested for the virus, I went straight to my room for self-quarantine.
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  • Here’s a picture of me installing the flooring in an apartment that we were turning.

    Hands-On Work

    In the beginning of this year’s spring term, I had a pretty clear idea of what my summer was going to look like. I had a month-long internship set up with a newspaper in LA and had been accepted to a three-week summer program at Columbia. With COVID getting worse, however, my internship got canceled and Columbia announced that their program would be virtual, which I wasn’t as interested in. Looking for something else to do, my parents told me that I could work for them at their business (they own an apartment complex thirty minutes from our house in Cleveland). I accepted the job offer and, right after school ended, I joined the maintenance team at the complex.
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  • This is our tennis team from two seasons ago, before a match on our home courts.

    Looking Forward to Fall

    I’m really looking forward to getting back to Groton for the fall. Although there are going to be changes with COVID, I’m excited to be back with my friends (whom I last saw almost six months ago).
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