Zebra Tales

Amber '23

Hometown: Kampala, Uganda

Groton activities: Swimming, track, JV soccer

Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: How easy it was to settle in; I kind of had an idea about everything around me within the second week.

Favorite classes: English, Latin, and Biology. English: I have always loved to read and talk about what I read. Latin: Before Groton, I had never studied Latin, but I fell in love instantly. I love the challenge that it brings and the Roman history that we learn along with it. Biology: I have always loved learning about the anatomy of the human body and the biology of life around me.

Most memorable Groton moment: St. Mark’s Day: I love being a part of the Groton school spirit.

Favorite Dining Hall food: Chicken pot pie

List of 5 news stories.

  • Winter!

    Being at home was great. I spent so much time with my family after not being with them for almost a year and a half, which was a therapeutic experience for me. After being home for nearly two months, coming back to Groton for the winter term was an easy transition. 
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  • Fall Reflections

    It has been exactly a week since we left school, and I have mixed feelings of missing Groton but also being happy to be at home with my family. This past fall term was unlike any other, with all the new COVID restrictions and instructions that faculty, students, and staff alike had to follow. Even though it was a new experience, to say that I did not enjoy it would be a lie.
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  • A Different Kind of “Back to School”

    Coming back to school has been a somewhat new but amazing experience. I arrived on Thursday, September 7, and while I was eager to see my friends again, I had to quarantine in my dorm for about thirty-six hours before I was allowed to move around campus. This was very different compared to my arrival on campus last year, obviously because of changes that had to be made due to COVID-19.
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  • Summer Jobs

    Due to COVID-19, one of the hardest things to do this summer was finding a job. A lot of places had just re-opened by the time school got out, and it was too late to apply. Additionally, most of the stores and coffee shops in my neighborhood required their employees to be sixteen or older, and I was not due to turn sixteen until the middle of July. I looked up job availability online, but I was not very successful, so I decided to go ahead and participate in the GRACE program.
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  • The Giver

    One good book I read this summer was The Giver, by Lois Lowry. It tells the story of a twelve year-old boy growing up in a sort of utopia, and how he is able to change the lifestyle of his community for the better. I enjoyed reading this book because it reminded me of how easy it is to settle and become accustomed to a certain lifestyle, when there is so much more out there that I can do. The book is a reminder to step out of my comfort zone once in a while, even though it might be against the judgment of others.
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