Zebra Tales

Trey '21

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky

Groton activities: Boys varsity hockey captain, Color Guard head, Young Republicans head, Admission prefect, Communications prefect, peer counselor, Circle Talk Committee

Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: Coming at the time from a small, Alaskan farm town, I had no idea what boarding school life was going to be like. I was an outsider—an Air Force brat with a mild fishing addiction—so when I showed up on campus, the sheer diversity and inclusivity of the student body blew me away. Now—after two years on the Circle—my closest friends come from across the globe, and while I will always be an Alaskan, I’m equally proud to be a Grotonian too.

Favorite classes: Mrs. Wallace’s term-long electives on U.S. foreign policy were fantastic. With a focus on diplomacy in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Iraq, she brought the history to life and coached us on everything from negotiation to geopolitical strategy. She invited experts from around the earth—ambassadors, veterans, and journalists—to speak to our class and introduced us to the wild world of international relations.

Most memorable Groton moment: In last year’s hockey playoffs, Tilton scored four goals on us in four minutes, and to our fans in the stands, an early exit from the tournament seemed imminent. However, we never quit, and slowly we chipped away at Tilton’s lead until we evened the score at 4–4 in the third period. At this point, the building was electric! Students were jumping up and down. Players on the bench were yelling. You could just feel the excitement mounting, and when one of our defensemen launched a puck into the back of the net, the arena erupted. It was so loud that we nearly knocked the roof off the O’Brien Rink. We would go on to win the game 6–4 and advance to the semifinals, but that game was the highlight of my time at Groton. I was so proud of my team!

Favorite Dining Hall food: The Philly cheesesteak/waffle fry combo is unmatched!

Favorite place to study: I love the outdoors, so the benches in front of the Schoolhouse are my go-to spot. With a view of the Circle, St. John’s Chapel, and Hundred House, the benches have one of the best vantage points on campus.

List of 10 news stories.

  • Practicing my hurdles form!

    The Fine Art of Making Repeated Left Turns

    RUNNERS TAKE YOUR MARKS……SET……POP! I explode from my starting blocks at the crack of the pistol, counting my steps as I lurch forward. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…hop. By the height of a paper clip, I clear the first 39″ hurdle and whip my trail leg over the bar—eyeing the finish line 97m away. As my right foot hits the ground, I break into a three-step sprint before reaching the next hurdle and repeating my hop-sprint pattern. Eight more hurdles later, I cross the finish line with an ambitious lean forward. Stopwatch in hand, Coach yells, “16 flat!” I jog off the track—flashing a grin to my friends—and begin preparing for my next race.
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  • A recent Sixth Form formal dinner

    Special Relativity

    In my Modern Physics class with Mr. Hall this spring, we’ve pondered quantum theory, particle physics, and the atomic model, but as Prize Day creeps ever closer, the subject of special relativity has proven a fitting metaphor for the Sixth Form experience.
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  • Decorating a Dorm Room 101

    When I first arrived at Groton in the Fourth Form, I had no clue how to organize my dorm room. Besides an Alaskan flag and a framed family photo, I hadn’t brought anything else to campus except the necessities–bedding, a lamp, clothes, etc.–so as time went on, I became more interested in filling up the blank space on my walls.
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  • Ben ’23, David ’23, me, and Andres ’23 on Decades Day

    Band of Brothers

    Ben Franklin once wrote, “Out of adversity comes opportunity.” The quote is elegantly simple. Tribulation gives us a chance to learn–to grow–and with the right attitude, challenge can feel far more rewarding than discouraging.
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  • The Capen advisory on Crazy Sock Day!

    The Fall that Flew By

    Today is January 2nd, 2021, and as I prepare to type my first Zebra Tales article in quite some time, I can’t help but wonder where the days have gone. My Sixth Form year has flown by. If I had to point fingers, I would blame my college essays, which have diverted so much of my energy and attention over the last several months. When I submitted my final application a few days ago, relief washed over me like a hot shower on a cold day. The feeling was liberating. But that being said, those same essays have taken me away from Zebra Tales, and I thought that a quick recap of the fall term would be a great way to return to blogging. Let’s get started!
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  • Non-Partisan Politicking with RepresentUs

    On Tuesday, September 22, the Groton Young Republicans and Young Democrats virtually co-hosted Josh Silver, the executive director and co-founder of RepresentUs. Non-partisan reform and ending political corruption was the theme of the evening, and with November 3rd looming on the horizon, Silver’s insights proved to be incredibly timely.
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  • Noah ’21, Andrew ’21, Kat ’21, Me, and Sophia ’23, the Connecticut Quarantine Group

    189 Days

    A few months ago, I was watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with my brother, and one of Ben’s quotes really stuck with me. About halfway through the film, he remarks: “It’s a funny thing about coming home. Smells the same. Looks the same. Feels the same. You realize what’s really changed is you. . .”
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  • An American Odyssey

    When my younger brother, Braxton, and I were driving to Louisville a few weeks ago, a song came through the stereo that triggered some serious nostalgia. Growing up, one of our favorite movies was Cars, and during Lightning McQueen’s road trip montage, a Rascal Flatts song carries him from one end of the country to the other. Perhaps at no other point in my life have the lyrics been more appropriate: “Life is a highway / I want to ride it all night long.”
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  • Galvin-izing Alaska: My Summer on the Campaign Trail

    Everyone loves an underdog. From the 1980 Men’s US Hockey Team to Buster Douglas, an underdog rises up against the odds to shock the world—moving mountains and shattering expectations.
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  • Leaving the Last Frontier

    Pioneer Peak is the prettiest mountain in the world.

    Now, I understand; that’s a bold claim to make. With mountains like the Matterhorn, Kilimanjaro, Denali, Everest, and Fuji all vying for the title, one could definitely overlook the 6,398-foot peak nestled in the Chugach Mountains. However, I rest my case:
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