Zebra Tales

Maya '23

Hometown: Bermuda

Groton activities: varsity crew, the musical, JV soccer, winter running, choir, peer counselor, Groton Feminists co-head, Groton Sexuality Alliance, Active Minds, International Community Advising Program, Debate, Maq-cappellas

Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: Teachers inviting me to their homes for dinner

Favorite class: I love history, especially the World and the West class I took with Dr. Spring in Fourth Form. My favorite part was writing my two research papers because it was cool to delve into fine details and discuss them with her.

Most memorable Groton moment: Singing for the first time in front of the school--my best friend Lauren and I sang a chapel postlude in Second Form. We were so nervous, but afterward it felt like everyone we passed in the hallways was very encouraging and supportive.

Favorite Dining Hall food: Monkey bread.

Favorite place to study: The bubbles on the top floor of the Schoolhouse, or the Dillon Art Center on a sunny Sunday afternoon

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  • Why I Love History

    I’m really excited for Fifth Form! I’m especially looking forward to taking U.S. History. I’m not from the States, so I don’t know much U.S. history, which I was pretty worried about at first. However, I really like history as a subject—Sacred Texts and World have been two of my favorite classes at Groton. Not only have I had the BEST teachers (Ms. Wallace for Sacred in Third Form, and Dr. Spring last year for World), but I also have really liked writing my research papers.
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  • Measuring 20 meters to do our benthic composition analysis with my partner

    Scuba Diving

    This summer I got my scuba diving license so that I could intern at a marine science lab where I live. I love diving so much because every time I go down I feel like I get to explore this beautiful, new world. The team of scientists and I collect data from all the coral reefs surrounding the island.
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