Zebra Tales

Andres '24

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

Groton activities: Cross country, track and field, Groton Mentorship Program

Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: No aspect of Groton was more surprising and unique than the dorm dynamic. I was impressed by the close-knit community we became in only a few months. My dorm prefects made my first year at Groton all the more special and fun—not only were they mentors and guides, they became some of my closest friends. I was extremely surprised at how close I became to them. 
Favorite classes: Sacred Texts and English are by far my favorites. My teachers in both classes pushed me to my limits. I thoroughly enjoy writing essays and reading great books. I have always been very interested in history, so Ms. Wallace’s Sacred Texts class was perfect for me.

Most memorable Groton moment: During winter term, my closest friends and I took a whole Sunday to hike to a broken bridge a few miles from Groton. After getting lost, finding our way, and blasting music, the whole adventure was unforgettable.

Favorite Dining Hall food: Chicken fingers with barbecue sauce

List of 3 news stories.

  • Celebrating Mexican Independence Day on the Circle

    Andres Palacios
    Less than two weeks after arriving to the Circle, even before the leaves started to change to fall colors, it was time (at least back home) to celebrate Mexico’s independence. I was both surprised and touched that I was able to bring a small tradition to my friends in Fourth Form.
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  • A Month in the Moroccan Mountains

    For the month of July, I was extremely lucky, alongside fifteen other students, to take a service trip to the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains. 
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  • Groton Friends in Mexico

    The highlight of my summer was undoubtedly the first two weeks of break. Right as summer started, four friends and I traveled to Mexico, my home country. Although I was extremely nervous for my Groton friends to meet my family and friends, the trip could not have been more fun and memory-creating. 
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