Zebra Tales

Angus '25

Hometown: Norwich, Vermont

Groton activities: Hockey, lacrosse, a cappella, Admission tour guide, guitar

Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: From the first time I met the people and saw the notorious three quarter walls in my Third Form dorm, I was pleasantly surprised by how much the dorm would serve as a community space. I quickly found that it was one of the best places on campus to find friends and things to do, helped by the three quarter walls that allowed everyone to stay up to date on whether we were heading to dinner or out to the Schoolhouse. I spent more time there than I had ever expected to in my first year at Groton.

Favorite class: My favorite class has definitely been Dr. Ibrahim’s Third Form Sacred Texts class. I had never experienced the small class environment before and it was one of the first times I got to hear my classmates' opinions and share mine for appreciation and critique to people who were truly interested. I also have the unique way in which we studied the Abrahamic religions to thank for helping spark my further interest in philosophy and religion.

Most memorable Groton moment: Our lacrosse team’s double overtime win this past spring. With so many people watching, the intersection of community and sports was evident and gave me an unforgettable feeling, along with winning a big game for the program. 

Favorite Dining Hall food: Being a vegetarian, I love when they have fried tofu with edamame.

Favorite place to study: The wooden tables on the top floor of the Schoolhouse

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