Zebra Tales

Angus '25

Hometown: Jackson, Wyoming
Groton activities: hockey, lacrosse
Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: The three-quarter walls in the Third Form dorms. As ominous as they seem to incoming Third Formers, there was no better way to get close to all your new formmates. Whenever we got bored, all it took was a quick shout up the hall and we gathered enough people for an entire spikeball tournament. 
Favorite class: Latin 1 with Ms. Martin-Nelson. It is amazing to see how much you learn and develop throughout one year of Latin. This was possibly the class I was dreading most before coming to Groton; however, Ms. Martin-Nelson was able to create a very fun environment that made everyone excited to show up to class. (I think a large part of my class was also just excited to see what song she was going to try and make us memorize).
Most memorable Groton moment: When the entire school spent the afternoon in the pouring rain for my Third Form Spring Fling. The school gathered around as my two dormmates and I faced Machan's Dorm in the finals of tarp soccer. When the ref finally yelled time, all the Third Formers and prefects in my dorm ran and jumped on the tarp to celebrate our win with us. My pink shirt, crested with my dorm’s name, “Riley,” finished the day drenched in soap and mud from the tarp soccer and tug-of- war. 
Favorite Dining Hall food: As much as everyone would like to tell me the chocolate chip cookies are not an actual meal, they were without a doubt my favorite. However, a close second might be when the Dining Hall staff runs their cookouts with burgers and fries.

List of 6 news stories.

  • A Late Night

    With a flood, a temporary stay in an old faculty house, and countless accommodation requests, Machan’s dorm has kept the school on its toes this year. Fortunately, with help from the Deans, Buildings and Grounds, and all of the faculty who had to stay with us at our temporary arrangements, the flood brought the dorm together. And even after a term and a half since the original flood, the boys of Machan’s are still getting closer. 
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  • Ms. Coleen, a long time staff with the dining hall, with me and my roommate on her last day of work last spring.

    Always Hungry

    I have always been food oriented. As in I love to eat. Not entirely because I love food, but because I love being able to sit down and talk. Fortunately, the dining hall at Groton checks both those boxes, which is one of the reasons why I am always there. Especially recently, as the weather is colder, and my mom is not here to tell me to put on a coat, I'm too cold to spend too much time outside.
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  • Building the Zebra

    Spirit Week is a time that brings out the zebra in everyone. Whether it be the dress-up themes or the Roll Call games, there is no shortage of competition. 

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  • Home Away from Home

    Although I am a returning student, my nerves still rose as my mom and I pulled past the gates to the Circle. As everyone is now officially on campus, whether after a long summer or for the first time ever, the Circle has returned to life in full effect.
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  • Hardly Working

    The hot sun beating down. Sleeves rolled up. Boom box on my shoulder. Blaring disco at 8 a.m. What an absolute time to be a camp counselor.
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  • Putting Off the Summer Reading

    The tranquility of summer—an unimaginable construct to all of us who were wrapped up in the chaos of early June at Groton. Finals, Prize Day, and packing engulfed us in a world of constant occupancy. And yet, after a month of being 2,300 miles west and over 6,000 vertical feet above the Circle, it all seems relatively insignificant.
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