Zebra Tales

Sheena '24

Hometown: Greensboro, North Carolina

Groton activities: Cross country, squash

Most surprising when you first arrived: The food is actually pretty good.

Favorite class: I really like English because I enjoy the class discussions on the books that we read.

Most memorable Groton moment: Going on walks with my friends

Favorite Dining Hall food: Chicken tenders and fries

Favorite place to study: My dorm—I get the most work done there.

List of 6 news stories.

  • Groton Pops

    There was no better way to spend the first Saturday night back at Groton than watching the Groton Pops concert.
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  • Winter Term Squash

    Going into winter term I was really looking forward to my afternoon activity, squash.
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  • Games on the circle!

    Surprise Holiday!

    Last Thursday, the most amazing thing happened. After study hall we all gathered on the Webb-Marshall to listen to Mr. Maqubela give a talk, in which he intended to remind us to clear up trash on campus.
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  • First Week on Campus

    The days leading up to my return to Groton felt long, and all I wanted to do was hop in a car and drive to campus. With a little patience, I moved in last Sunday with a car full of heavy boxes and suitcases. When I drove up to campus Sunday morning, I had this feeling of overwhelming excitement, but I also felt a slight tinge of nervousness. 
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  • A Month at GRACE

    Initially, the idea of spending one month of my summer back in the classroom at Groton did not sound great to me. No one wants to be studying chemistry for more than two hours every day when they could be doing literally anything else with their free time. So when I returned to campus in late June, I had mixed feelings about what the next few weeks would look like. Looking back on my time at GRACE ( the Groton Accelerate Challenge and Enrich program), I find that it was a truly amazing experience and I am glad that I went.
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  • Museum Visit

    Before coming home after GRACE, I visited the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. There was an amazing amount of original art, pottery, and artifacts from Europe, America, and Asia on display, and it was a really cool experience. The first photo is the courtyard of the museum with an incredible garden and architecture. The second photo is of a painting on the ceiling in the Veronese Room called The Coronation Of Hebe.