Zebra Tales

Ella '25

Hometown: New York City
Groton activities: The Circle Voice, Current Events Club, Groton Feminists, Debate Society, varsity tennis, Poetry Club
Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: When I first arrived at Groton, I expected to become friends solely with other members of my form. However, I was quickly woven into a community with people from various forms and backgrounds. I was surprised by the interconnectedness of Groton and was relieved that I was part of a school that truly emphasized this core value.
Favorite class: Modern Global History. This class altered my perspective on how I view the world and taught me how to think about history through a critical lens. Throughout this class, I strengthened my writer's toolbox in addition to learning about different people and cultures across many eras. I loved this class because I learned something new every day and was thoroughly engaged by my teachers. The highlight of this class was writing a research paper on a topic of our choice. I chose to look at how Iranian women shaped and transformed the political, social, and economic realms of the Qajar dynasty.
Most memorable Groton moment: During my Fourth Form fall, the JV girls soccer team was fighting for a victory against St. Mark's. We hadn't had the most stellar season, but nevertheless, we were determined to have one last hurrah. In the final seconds, we were tied, but both teams decided that we needed closure. And thus, we had the most nail-biting kick-off I have ever witnessed. We were neck and neck until St. Mark's missed their final penalty kick. We had one shot left. After much anticipation, we scored, and our team erupted in joyous shrieking. I'll never forget the energy and excitement we all shared. 
Favorite Dining Hall food: This might be a hot take, but the Thanksgiving-style dinners are one of my favorite Groton meals.
Favorite place to study: My go-to study spot typically depends on my workload and my mood, but I think the wooden tables on the third floor of the Schoolhouse are the most versatile study locations. They can function as both quiet spots where you can work independently and collaborative spaces to engage in discussions and work on group projects.

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    When I was five, my dad took me to a park in New York City and put a racket in my hand. “Just hit the ball,” he said. And I did. From then on, my love for tennis was born. Since I started playing, my aspirations for what I wanted to get out of this sport have changed.
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  • Visiting a Friend on Mallorca

    As I stepped off the plane, I was greeted by a sight I had never seen before. My eyes were drawn to the vast mountain ranges blending into the blinding blue sea. As I left the airport, I was greeted by the warmth of the sun. After almost a day of navigating three airports alone, I finally reached my destination. My best friend was living in Sóller, a small town in Mallorca, for the summer, and she had invited me to come and join her adventure. I was beyond excited for the memories ahead of us, and I was eager to learn about a culture I was unfamiliar with and practice my Spanish-speaking skills.
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