Zebra Tales

Daisy '24

Hometown: Haverhill, Massachusetts 
Groton activities: Essence (step team), peer counselor, Black Latinx Association head, tour guide, Basics to Finance Club
Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: How comfortable the dorm environment was
Favorite class: Latin (very fun subject and collaborating on homework and studying has been easy) 
Most memorable Groton moment: Spring formal

Favorite Dining Hall food: French fries or chocolate chip cookies
Favorite place to study: The “bubbles” on the third floor of the Schoolhouse or the library stacks 

List of 10 news stories.

  • On your marks, set... GO!

    It’s spring term, which means many things: sunlight, sit-down dinners, and TRACK SEASON!
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  • A “Side Hustle” 

    I have many “jobs.” They include being a student, hair stylist (ask my little sister), janitor (ask my little sister again), and chef! I love cooking, and being home on break means plenty of it!
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    March 6 was a momentous day for my family: Ghana Independence Day! 2023 marks the 66th anniversary of Ghana’s freedom and the day of an incredible celebration my family attended.
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  • Out on the Town!

    Two weeks ago, the students of Groton School dispersed across the globe for Winter Long Weekend, ready for some R&R.
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  • Sledding at Sunset!

    A typical Sunday at Groton usually consists of students just working. But not this Sunday!
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  • Hooray for Cultural Day!

    Cultural Day finally made its return after a 3-year hiatus due to COVID. And it was amazing! 
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  • From St. Mark's Day to Study Sessions

    Groton wins again! At Groton, there are many fun traditions. One of my favorites is St. Mark's Day.
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  • New Year, Fifth Form Me

    I’m a Fifth Former now—a junior! The school year has just begun, and things are already in full swing. The start of this year was quite different from my prior years at Groton. We have returned to normalcy. Finally!
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  • A Day in Boston

    It had only been a few days into summer vacation when my brother, Jaden, and I went to Boston for a day. He had some places in mind that he’d wanted to visit and decided to drag me along with him. So, as the license-less individuals we are, we bought train tickets the night before. Then, in the morning, we ate a quick breakfast and rushed to the train station. (We may have overslept just a little bit …) Luckily, we made it in time to board the train. And off to Boston we went!
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  • School's Out

    Fourth Form was a great year! COVID restrictions were less strict than in my Third Form year, which allowed students to go on off-campus trips and play interscholastic games. The year went by very quickly, which was a little jarring. It was also bittersweet because the school year was a fun time that I wouldn’t have minded experiencing for a little longer.
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