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    Art, in many forms, allows the creative expression that is essential to a complete Groton education. The visual and performing arts programs nurture beginners—even if they have never held a paintbrush or touched a musical instrument—and help the accomplished to increase their levels of sophistication, expertise, and achievement. It's not unusual for a Groton student who never thought of him- or herself as an artist to discover latent talents, and with them, new ways to see the world. 
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Participation in the theater program is open to all students, including those with little or no experience. The program aims to expose students to a range of theatrical styles and techniques and a variety of dramatic literature, ranging from ancient Greek works to the latest in contemporary fiction.

Students may take classes in drama for credit and may choose drama as their afternoon activity. In addition, visiting artists and performers offer master classes, help with productions, and offer other educational opportunities each year.

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Three-quarters of Groton students pursue applied coursework in a variety of musical disciplines. They sing in the School Choir; play with the Chamber Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, and Steel Drum Ensemble; join a wide array of smaller chamber, jazz, and choral groups; and take private lessons with the 22 members of our music faculty, many of them affiliated with Boston’s outstanding musical ensembles and schools.

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Visual Arts

Skills for visual expression are best cultivated when students are encouraged to approach their work with unbridled curiosity, creativity, and a flexible mind.

Students discover that they are artists in a wide variety of ways—in introductory arts workshops and painting and drawing classes, in the ceramics studio and the dark room. The Dillon Art Center houses sophisticated facilities, designed to nurture creativity in the budding artist.

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