The Christopher Brodigan Gallery Archive

By design, the exhibits at the Christopher Carey Brodigan Gallery complement those at The de Menil Gallery by bringing the work of contemporary artists to campus. Located on the first floor of the Dining Hall, the Brodigan Gallery features a more rapidly changing exhibit schedule, and the exhibiting artists often conduct workshops for Groton art classes.

Past Exhibits


Works on paper by Fred Liang
January 13–March 6, 2020

Fred Liang's work, using traditional Chinese paper cutting or Jianzhi as well as Song Dynasty scroll paintings, intertwines Eastern and Western philosophy, art and science, and both ephemeral and concrete references to places near and far.

Some pieces examine the interwoven connections between Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay, Nature, and Taoist poetry, which merges the intellect and soul through their relationship with nature’s forces large and small. Liang believes that self-expression, identity, and social structure are rooted in nature’s rhythms and sow the seeds for our creative and spiritual existence.