Working at Groton

Working at Groton School means entering a close community that is dedicated to nurturing students in grades eight through 12 and preparing them, as the School’s founder Rev. Endicott Peabody said, for “the active work of life.” Groton School provides competitive salaries and an appealing benefit package to a diverse workforce of faculty and staff.

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  • Charles C. Alexander Teaching Fellow Program

As a coeducational, primarily residential school of 372 students, Groton sets for its students the highest standards of academic achievement, intellectual growth, ethical awareness and behavior, sportsmanship, athletic endeavor, and service to others.

The School takes leadership seriously, and our concern for character is a point of distinction. Our mission has never been narrowly to prepare students for college, but rather to provide an experience which, while academically rigorous, goes far beyond college requirements, addressing important personal aspects of growth and maturity. With a balance of tradition and innovation, Groton provides exceptional opportunities to deserving students from diverse social, geographic, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds.
If you are applying to become a member of Groton’s faculty, you should understand that Groton believes it is essential that teachers take part in students' lives. Groton's faculty does what the best faculties do: it builds student-teacher relationships that reach beyond the classroom and affirm and nurture the spirit while challenging the mind. Faculty members are expected to fulfill the founding vision that Groton teachers take up the teaching profession as "their life's work."

A diverse and intimate community, the Groton faculty is dedicated to inspiring student lives of character, learning, leadership, and service.
Groton School is committed to the principle of equal employment opportunity and seeks employees who reflect and support our mission-driven commitment to a diverse school community. The School complies with all government regulations regarding non-discriminating employment practices and, beyond that, provides an atmosphere that ensures all have the opportunity to succeed on their own merit, qualifications, and abilities. Groton School does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by law. This policy governs all aspects of employment, including selection, job assignment, compensation, discipline, termination, and access to benefits and training.
Groton School is a diverse and intimate community devoted to inspiring lives of character, learning, leadership, and service.
Groton School is recognized as one of America's top boarding schools. It prepares students in grades 8-12 for the "active work of life."