Lesson Program

The Music Lesson Program is designed to support and challenge all Groton musicians, beginners to virtuosi. Groton is a great place to learn to play or sing for the first time or to soar to new heights of musical prowess. Twenty-two experienced teaching performers provide lessons during the academic day. All orchestral and band instruments are taught. as well as voice, piano, organ, harpsichord, banjo, bagpipes, guitar, and didjiridoo.

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The Choir of Groton School is one of the most advanced high school singing groups in New England. The Choir sings for weekly chapel each Sunday, preparing a large and varied repertoire of anthems and service music that represents both the Western Classical tradition and new expressions of contemporary and global music.

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Music at Groton is academic. Nearly everything taught in the Music Program receives academic credit and falls within the School's daytime curriculum. That means Groton students do not need to choose between a musical interest and sports, clubs, or drama. Time for individual practice and rehearsals is built into each student’s daytime schedule.  

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At Groton, Music is:

·    Integral
Four days a week the entire school concludes morning chapel with singing.

·    Academic
Students study Music Theory, Composition, Music History, Music Technology, or participate in Chamber Orchestra, Choir, Chamber Choir, Jazz Ensemble, Steel Drum Ensemble, or applied music lessons as part of the school day.

·    Community
Excellent ensembles, student-run groups and frequent open mics, provide inspiration, entertainment, a greater sense of community and joy.

·    Global
Students take their music around the globe to destinations including China, Australia, Scotland, South Africa, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, and South America.  

·    Service
Students reach beyond the Circle to serve surrounding communities through music.
Groton School is a diverse and intimate community devoted to inspiring lives of character, learning, leadership, and service.
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