An Inclusive Community

Groton School is committed to diversity and inclusivity with responsibility, mutual respect, and empathy. We strive to maintain a community in which every person feels welcomed, valued, and respected.

We are dedicated to shared examination of our different perspectives, inherent privileges, disadvantages, and prejudices, especially in terms of race, religion, national origin, gender and sexuality, socioeconomic status, and political ideology.

We believe this work is critical to preparing students to lead “lives of character, learning, leadership, and service."
Diversity and Inclusion Mission Statement
Groton School intentionally welcomes students from a wide range of backgrounds, and many volunteer for the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. The group plans thought-provoking events and workshops and facilitates discussion, sometimes on difficult topics, that helps students live and learn together with respect for and celebration of our differences. Guest speakers, followed by small group discussions, challenge the community to think deeply.

Working with the student committee is the faculty Diversity and Inclusion Committee, which includes representatives from different academic departments, as well as the school chaplain, counselors, and dean of students.

Read Headmaster Temba Maqubela’s article about inclusion in Independent School magazine.


GRAIN (GRoton Affordability and INclusion) solidified the school's commitment to an open Circle. It ensured that all deserving applicants, regardless of background or financial standing, have equal access to a Groton education. GRAIN also froze tuition for three years and kicked off deep determination by the Board of Trustees to keep costs under control.

Diversity Workshops

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  • 32 Topics—and None of Them Easy

    The topics were purposefully thorny. What does it mean to be privileged? How can we discuss political differences without attacking individuals? Why does anti-Semitism persist? What does it mean to be American?
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  • An Evening of Provocative Discussion

    On the evening of Monday, April 2, students and faculty split into small groups for a Diversity & Inclusion community gathering, discussing a variety of important topics affecting society and the school community.
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  • Listening, Learning, and Empathizing

    A recent Diversity and Inclusion workshop replaced Saturday morning classes with provocative meetings—almost all student-run—on difficult subjects of societal significance. The aim: to help students learn to listen, learn, and empathize.
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Diversity and Inclusion Guest Speakers

Diversity and Inclusion MLK Speakers

  • Watch: Guest Speaker Rosetta Lee at Groton on October 9, 2017