Participation in the theater program is open to all students, including those with little or no experience. The program aims to expose students to a range of theatrical styles and techniques and a variety of dramatic literature, ranging from ancient Greek works to the latest in contemporary fiction.
Students may take classes in drama for credit and may choose drama as their afternoon activity. In addition, visiting artists and performers offer master classes, help with productions, and offer other educational opportunities each year.

Through the afternoon theater program, students perform, direct, design, and do tech work, join the cast or crew of a fully designed and technically supported mainstage production. The Marion D. Campbell Performing Arts Center provides a state-of-the-art laboratory for theater education, whether students are rehearsing lines, choreographing,  building costumes and scenery, hanging lights, mixing sounds, or otherwise collaborating to prepare a final performance for the greater Groton community.

Each term features a faculty-directed production chosen from a wide range of classical and contemporary drama, including a yearly musical. The drama program also offers intensive hands-on experiences to students who wish to write and direct their own short plays, and to students who prefer to work with theatre professionals in one-on-one tutorials.
All student productions are open to the public and the school community and are free of charge. In addition to student performances, the Marion D. Campbell Performing Arts Center periodically hosts professional theater companies, performance artists, speakers, dance companies, and musicians. Students may view these professional performances as part of their cultural education and may take advantage of the workshops or master classes often offered in conjunction with an event.

Facilities: The Campbell Performing Arts Center

Designed by architect Graham Gund, the performing arts center at Groton provides stunning, comfortable, and intimate spaces for student and professional performances. The facility provides state of the art equipment in both theaters, and ample opportunities for performers, technicians, directors, and playwrights to make full use of the facilities. Two theaters are housed within the building: The Asen Theater, a proscenium space that seats 466, and the McBaine Studio Theater, a black box space that accommodates 120. Additionally, The Marion D. Campbell Performing Arts Center includes a fully equipped scene/paint shop, a costume shop, a trap and orchestra pit level, a full fly, 65' fly loft, Equity level dressing rooms and a computerized box office. The entire space is air-conditioned and climate controlled.
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