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Maddie '24

Puppies Make the World Go Round

What's the best thing in the whole wide world? Puppies.
I GOT A PUPPY!! As you can probably tell, I am very excited. I just love dogs so much. They are the only things that can make all my problems fade away. Poof. Bye-bye COVID. Now for some introductions: her name is Finley and she is a black Lab. Her hobbies include peeing on me in the car, chewing on my fingers and toes, and sleeping inside our coats. I know you all must be DYING to see a picture of my little angel, so I will of course oblige.

But before that, I recommend everyone go spend some time with your pets. If you don't have any, get some (or steal your friends'). Animals are such a good escape for all the crazy stuff that keeps happening. Nothing makes your worries disappear like a good snuggle with a fluffy creature. Love is the most important anti-stress tool we have, use it!

Now go shower my baby with compliments because she's the cutest thing ever ;)