Zebra Tales
Amber '23

Summer Jobs

Due to COVID-19, one of the hardest things to do this summer was finding a job. A lot of places had just re-opened by the time school got out, and it was too late to apply. Additionally, most of the stores and coffee shops in my neighborhood required their employees to be sixteen or older, and I was not due to turn sixteen until the middle of July. I looked up job availability online, but I was not very successful, so I decided to go ahead and participate in the GRACE program.
At the beginning of August however, one of our family friends called my aunt, asking her if she knew of any babysitters that she could hire to watch her kids. Knowing how much I love working with and being around children, my aunt recommended me to her. So for this past month, I have been spending most days and sometimes nights with two-year old Meghan and four-month-old Demi. This has been a very special time for me because I have always loved being with children. Their innocence and happiness is very contagious and heartwarming. Another reason this experience is so important to me is because I want to be a pediatric surgeon when I am older, so learning how to deal with kids and understanding their mannerisms is something that will help me for my future.

Even though the summer is coming to an end, I am glad I got to spend this past month with them. I hope that I will have more opportunities to spend time with little kids as I work toward my goal of eventually treating them.