Zebra Tales
Amber '23


Being at home was great. I spent so much time with my family after not being with them for almost a year and a half, which was a therapeutic experience for me. After being home for nearly two months, coming back to Groton for the winter term was an easy transition. 
Usually, a winter term at Groton can be daunting, given the combination of a drop in temperatures and all the coursework students have to do. But since we had a combined Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, with a few virtual classes in between, the idea of another winter term at Groton was actually somewhat exciting. I was very excited to see all my friends again and be back in the classroom with my teachers. Additionally, more people are back on campus than there were in the fall, and our last coronavirus testing came back negative for all students, faculty, and staff. Right now, things seem to be looking up for the Groton community, and even though there is not much sunshine outside, there is much reason to be positive and look forward to yet another term on the circle.