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Maddie '24

Best Term at Groton?

A combination of COVID protocols and a bad ankle sprain that left me on crutches for three weeks made for an interesting spring term. I never thought I would see the day when I complained about the sprawling Groton campus. However, the mantra that I have been repeating for the past few months, “see the best in every situation,” has paid off. In fact, this may have been my best and happiest term at Groton!
Because of the considerable increase in time spent walking from building to building, I found myself marveling at the simple things. Crutching around at a quarter of the speed of a snail was not necessarily pleasant for me or those people who were stuck walking with me, but it did make us spend a little bit more time outside, talking, and getting a chance to finally appreciate this beautiful school. It is crazy to think that I have never been at Groton during the spring (we were remote last year at this time) and it is such a shame, as the weather and blooming trees make for some splendid imagery. All in all, I think there were significant benefits to my little injury. Plus, of course, elevator privileges and the ability to make people carry everything for me.

As COVID panic wound down and we were allowed a few extra privileges, this term truly took a turn for the better. Our slow return to normalcy has clearly paid off, and I can tell that we are all so much happier. Whether it was going to sports games or staying late on Saturday nights or even trying my hand at bat in our intramural softball league, things have been looking up. This term has left me optimistic for the future (though a bit sad about leaving), and excited for the next two years to come.

Please enjoy some pictures that I took while meandering slowly across campus/hanging out with friends!