Zebra Tales
Lloxci '21

Speak with Impact!

I was so excited to arrive back on campus! Despite the ongoing pandemic, Groton still manages to impress me with the adaptability. This term, I get to do both swimming and select chamber orchestra一two hobbies I hold dear! 
Also this term, I got to give my chapel talk. Here at Groton, chapel talks are given by Sixth Formers (seniors) and faculty members and are a very beloved tradition. The floor is ours as we get to address any topic we want一from memories on the Circle to global and national issues一and the whole school gets to listen. It was one of the things that really drew me to Groton in the first place!

Starting my chapel talk was the hardest part. There were so many things I could’ve talked about. I wanted my chapel talk to be meaningful to others. Thus, I made my chapel talk on the theme of vulnerability through very embarrassing anecdotes. 

The day of my chapel talk, I sat in the Chapel while listening to the organ play in the background一music resonating off the walls. Walking up the steps of the podium, I felt ready (albeit a bit nervous). Although I couldn’t give my talk in front of my friends and peers in person, I’m still glad I had the opportunity to speak to the community virtually. 

In place of an in-person fan section, I had a virtual one! But the support I have一although times seem rough一shows the strength of the community that Groton possesses. 

In-person chapel should probably begin next week. I’m excited to listen to my peers’ talks as well! 
I’ll keep y’all updated on my adventures!