• Squash - Thirds Boys

    2020 - 2021

    Groton School is fortunate to have twelve squash courts, more per capita than any school with whom we compete. This means we can host tournaments, including gold-level competitions, and also have beginners practice alongside our varsity athletes. We have one continuous ladder, and while the eight varsity players practice next to the eight to ten JV players, thirds boys teammates practice on four courts of their own.
    We can accommodate up to twenty-four players on the thirds team, in which case we often rotate two players on each of four courts while the others condition and learn from the more advanced players in practice. Shifts provide players with plenty of court, drill, and game time.
    Coach Capen played squash at Haverford College, and he is accompanied by enthusiastic coaches, occasionally (early in the season) including Mike Tootill, a Certified Level 2 Coach from South Africa who won the silver medal at the World Masters competition in 2016 and who coaches Groton’s varsity girls team.




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