• 2022 - 2023
    Head Coach: Preston Bannard

    The girls JV and thirds basketball program aims to teach and improve core skills, while developing an understanding of concepts and strategies that lead to success on the court.
    At every opportunity, coaches foster good sportsmanship and stress the importance of proper technique in fundamental skills. During each practice, players work on skills including shooting, passing, dribbling, and rebounding while generally improving their level of physical fitness.
    Coaches regularly introduce and review offensive plays and defensive systems, along with concepts such as spacing the court, moving without the ball, and help defense. They offer a strong foundation of skills and knowledge to players interested in trying out for varsity, while also offering a positive learning environment for those who feel most comfortable at the JV/thirds level. Throughout the season, we focus on channeling our competitive spirit into creating a supportive team dynamic that allows all players to have fun, gain experience in games, and develop a lifelong passion for basketball.



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