• Crew - JV Boys

    2023 - 2024
    Head Coach: Michael Gnozzio

    Because it is unusual for a boy or girl to enter Groton with significant rowing experience, our JV program is focused on teaching the fundamentals of the rowing stroke to beginners. Beginning rowers progress from rowing on ergometers to rowing on a very stable barge, to rowing in eights, to rowing in the boats that we race, coxed fours. No one ever wins a rowing race because of an individual effort; teamwork is emphasized at each stage of development. Training is also a big part of the sport, and students learn some of the basics of preparing their bodies for the intense effort that is rowing.
    The competitive aspect of rowing is also important, and after they have settled into fours, the JV crews race against other ISL teams each week. There is also a unique position for smaller boys and girls—the coxswain. Coxswains will hone their leadership skills on the water. For smaller, lighter boys and girls, coxing is a great way to be an important part of a team.
    Above all, the JV program is about having fun while working hard. To our coaches, enjoying being out on the beautiful Nashua River is a priority.



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