Boys' Thirds Basketball Wins Home Opener

Peter Fry
Playing on the big main court in our first home game of the season, the Boys' Thirds Basketball team beat a well-coached Governor's squad this afternoon in a close 32-29 game.  Fourth Former Alex Brown led the Zebras with ten points; he also made a number of important defensive plays at key moments during the contest.  Most importantly, all fourteen of our players got good minutes on the court and contributed to our victory with real hustle.  Second Former Malcolm Fry contributed nine points to the winning effort.  Other scorers included Noah Bay (3 points), Ziggy Bereday (3 points), Josh Golden (3 points), Jack Wang (3 points), Patty Eldredge (1 point), and Luke Romano (1 point). Fun fact: Governor's Assistant Coach Peter Werner graduated from Groton in 1977!