Theater this Winter

Maya Luthi
I’m really excited about the winter musical!
We’ve only had one rehearsal so far, but it was so much fun to be back in the CPAC. I’m playing Schroeder in “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown,” one of two projects the Theater Department is taking on this winter. The other is a musical revue around the theme “You are not alone.” I’m interested to see how that will shake out, and looking forward to the read-through the Charlie Brown cast has on Tuesday.

Besides the work itself though, my favorite thing about Groton theater is the people. I got close with one of my best friends in Second Form during late-night, winter walks from the CPAC to study hall in the Schoolhouse.
The atmosphere was warm and comfortable on Friday afternoon before rehearsal. I loved catching up with our directors and friends from past shows. Since Groton is so small, I’ve inevitably seen them around in the last two years (there hasn’t been a musical in two years!), but there’s something very special about being in theater together and creating shows that I’d missed a lot. I also can’t wait to get to know the new Lower Schoolers who are starting out this year! Something I’ve really valued in the program is how close I got to get to Upper Schoolers when I was new, so I hope I can pass that on and find little friends to get to know better.