Open Skate!

Andres Palacios
Saturday nights at Groton are exceptional. After everyone finishes school and their games, it is the perfect opportunity to take a break and have some fun! This weekend my friends and I decided to go to the opening basketball game and open skate to relax after our first week back.
Our first stop of the night was the holiday-themed, season-opening basketball game. Santa hats, “ugly” Christmas sweaters, and plaid pajama pants filled the bleachers as Groton students packed the gym to show their support. The whole school spent the next hour clapping and screaming, cheering the varsity boys team. It was especially exciting to see some of my classmates on the court for the first time. Although we did not win the game, the excitement and school spirit were palpable. 

Soon after the game, four friends and I decided to go skating. Although I have skated very few times in my life, they encouraged me to try it out and have fun learning how to skate with them. I borrowed skates, put on some elbow pads, and got on the ice. 

As my friends cheered me on, I began to skate around slowly at first, and as I got more comfortable, I started to get some speed. After a few minutes of sliding around, Ben ’24, also a beginner skater, challenged me to a race. We both pushed our limited skating skills to our limits; laughter filled the rink. 

For the next hour and a half, we played catch on the ice and listened to Christmas music. We then went for fried dough and hot chocolate outside of the Schoolhouse. It was a great start to Winter Term, and I can’t wait to go back on the ice!