Roll Zeebs!

“Our sport is your sport’s punishment.” There is truly no better string of words to describe cross country.
Now more than a month into the fall, the cross-country season is officially in full stride. Last week, Groton cross country dominated St. Mark's, our rival school, as well as BB&N and Rivers in a four-team race. I could not help but feel inspired by the varsity squad’s performance as I watched Jack Lionette ‘23, Stanislas Robert ‘22, and Christopher Hovet ‘25 take home all three podium spots. Moreover, the JV team brought home a clean sweep, securing the top seven places. Following a nearly perfect race, we moved to prepare for our next crucial race at St. George’s yesterday. A two-hour bus ride away, we would face not only the host but also Lawrence Academy and St. Sebastian’s. Yet again, Groton prevailed. We plowed through the course, remaining undefeated. 

Our success in the first week must be attributed most to the electric environment and strong camaraderie we shared as a team at practice every day. Less than halfway through the season, the improvement each member has made has been nothing short of remarkable. With that said, improvement is far from free. The grind of hills, intervals, or long runs each week may be brutal, but the aura of practice each afternoon has carried me through the heavy legs and aching lungs.

“Our sport is your sport’s punishment.” Although I was hesitant to accept this fate at the beginning of the term, the entire team has rallied behind the mantra and wears it with pride. There is a certain aspect of diving in the deep end, doing the dirty work, per se, that has become addicting. Our strength in numbers seemed to make the behemoth of Groton cross country impenetrable. I see nothing but improvement in our future, and am beyond excited to see what the end of the season will bring for this team.