Final Days

Today is a relaxing day for the group. We had a late breakfast around 9:00, and for the rest of the afternoon we will be doing some closing exercises. Friday and Saturday were our final days with the Orkeeswa students:‘( On Friday, we had our final performances in our workshop groups. The drama performances were top notch, featuring directing from Lyndsey, Mary, Claire, Luke, Eliza, and Richa. We were also blessed by dance performances choreographed  by Verity ‘17 who we have had fun spending time with during our stay! The poetry and leadership group (for girls) delivered some awesome poetry, including a Swahili poem from the one and only Candilla. Chioma amazed us all with her singing in the music group. As for the art group, we kept our performance subtle, as we selflessly donated our final painting to be used as sets for the plays. The performance time was a nice way for us to celebrate our efforts and see what everyone has been up to over the past two weeks. Friday ended with a sincere goodbye to students. We received letters from many Orkeeswa students turned friends, and gave letters to those friends as well.
Don’t worry, it was not our final goodbye! On Saturday, we spent the day in Arusha with students from the original tree planting group. First, we watched some of our favorite students in the try outs for the national rugby team. Congrats to the many Orkeeswa students who made it and will be competing in Rwanda this October! We also visited the Echo Agricultural Center, the center where we purchased trees, and received an informative tour. In the evening, we had dinner back at Emmanyata with a large group of Orkeeswa students and we said our final goodbyes. Now we’re getting ready for our departure tomorrow… see you soon!