Delphi & Crete

Yesterday, we visited the ancient site of Delphi, where we learned about the Pythia (the oracle who gave prophecies to a select few). We first ‘washed ourselves’ by sprinkling some water on our heads in the Castalian Spring where the Pythia would have first bathed. Then, we went up through the site, moving through the various offerings from many Greek states such as the Treasury of Athens (pictured below). Finally, we reached the temple of Apollo where we did some readings and learned about the gases that may have existed in the temple long ago. After the site, we got a chance to explore the museum.
Before braving the long journey back to Athens, we were given some time to wander about the town of Arachova, a ski town near Delphi. There, we got magnificent views of snow-topped mountains and some delicious snacks.

We had a two-hour drive to Athens to catch our over-night ferry to Crete. We arrived in Crete early this morning and had a long breakfast before heading out to the museum. There, we saw an array of ancient artifacts found mostly at the surrounding Minoan palaces. We saw frescoes, pots, metalworks, jewels and more. This afternoon, we went to one of the palaces, Knossos, where we learned about Sir Arthur Evans’ unique excavation of the site as he recreated many pieces of art and architecture. We saw the interesting style of the Minoan culture through one of their grandest palaces.

We had some free time this afternoon to explore Heraklion. Some students went down to the port while others went into town. We’ve just finished a long, delicious dinner at a nearby restaurant!
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