Overnight Hike Day 2

Today, after a not so restful night in the tents, we got up to eat breakfast outside. With mountains surrounding us, it was a fantastic view while eating. A couple people got up early to watch the sunrise and exercise. For breakfast we had pancakes, fruit salad, honey, crackers, tea and coffee. What a great start to the day!
After breakfast, we hiked up to ruins near the campsite, called Puma Marca. It was first build by a Pre-Incan society, and then repurposed by the Incans as a military base. From the top was a great view of the village in the valley below.

While exploring the ruins, George spotted some animals. As we approached we saw that the animals were in fact alpacas. While we were a little scared, we made sure to pose for some photos. It was all fun and games until a dog, which had been following us since the start of the hike, frightened the alpacas. They charged the dog, protecting their territory.

After out little interlude with the alpacas, we began to hike down, back to Ollantaytambo. We descended by a different route, making out way along the valley floor. On the way we passed by many farming towns. The view from the bottom of the valley was magnificent, and we saw enough cows to last a lifetime.

Mid-hike, we stopped for a delicious lunch of chicken and vegetables (which was a first for some *ahem Luke*). We saw even more cows, yay! They served Inca Kola, a popular drink in Perú. The yellow soda tasted like bubble gum, and cream soda all in one. It definitely did not go well with any sort of food. It was not long after lunch, that we made it back to Ollantaytambo.


Your fearless leaders, Tai & George