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  • Final Days: Historical Architecture & Ruins

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  • Day 10, 11, 12:Bindal Bridge & Gandhi’s Teachings

    Students visited the educational sites through Aasraa Trust. Upon visiting the slums on the Bindal Bridge, they experienced the inequality that sparked Gandhi’s teachings and fight for peace.
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  • Day 9: Officers & Elephants

    Groton learns more about the criminal justice system, then takes in the wildlife of India.
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  • Exploring Navdanya

    Day 8: A Trip to the Seed Bank

    Following our now-routine breakfast with the Welham girls, we set off to visit Navdanya, a local biodiversity farm, before traveling to The Doon School for the first time to explore their campus and meet the Headmaster for dinner.
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  • Aasra boys

    Day 7: Spending time with students from Aasraa Trust

    Groton students spent the day with the NGO Aasraa Trust.
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  • Gurdwara

    Day 6: Music and Dance

    It was a fun two days experiencing Indian schools' culture.
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  • Day 4 & 5 Mussoorie and Landour Journey: A Physical and Spiritual Awakening

    Over the past two days, the GEO adventurers have been on a journey through Uttarakhand, north of Dehradun. Mussoorie is a hill station built by the British as an escape from the summer heat.
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  • Day 3: Festival of Holi!!

    Celebrating Holi with the girls at Welham was everything we wished for and more: there was music, dancing, laughter, joy, a conga line, and most of all, color!! (which we thankfully managed to wash out of our hair at the day’s end).
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  • Dinner with the girls

    Day 2: Settling into Welham Girls' School

    We spent most of the day traveling by bus from Delhi to Dehradun (meaning “home in the valley”). We drove past sprawling sugarcane fields, tall clay furnace chimneys, and plenty of cows roaming the roads.
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  • Breakfast at the hotel

    Day 1: Exploring Old Delhi

    After a night's rest recuperating from a long day of travel across multiple time zones, we met our tour guide, Shantum-ji, who encouraged us to adopt the concept of a "walking meditation" during our time in India, where we think less about the destination and more about taking in everything along our journey. After orienting ourselves, we set off to explore the complex streets of Old Delhi.
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  • Indira Gandhi International Airport

    GEO India Lands in Delhi

    The team arrived in Delhi in the early hours of Monday morning - March 6th.
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  • A Broader Picture of India

    After breakfast, we headed to an organic farm by the name of Navdanya. Navdanya is an NGO that works with farmers all over India to switch from chemically modified seeds to organic seeds. The people there greeted us warmly, and after a short talk on the history , took us around the farm.  Here, we meet Pablo, one of the many interns on the farm. He told us a lot about the mechanics of polycultural farming (Polycultural farms have multiple crops growing in the same area).  Later, we had a wonderful lunch, full of all organic food.  Anuj was amazed at the spices used in the dal.
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  • Adventures in Rajpur, Rishikesh, and the Rajaji National Forest

    A few highlights from our time in Dehradun so far:

    On Tuesday, we drove to Rishikesh, a beautiful town along the banks of the Ganga (Ganges) River – known a global hub for yoga.  Here the students are entering the Ashram we visited, where we had the opportunity to meet with a Hindu guru.

    After lunch at the Ashram, we headed to Rajaji National Forest and took a three hour safari – we saw lots of wildlife including elephants, deer, peacocks, monkeys, and many bird species.

    After a hike through an area of Dehradun known as Rajpur, we had a cooking class – we learned to make a delicious chickpea dish and rolled dough to make puris (fried bread).
  • Settling in in Dehradun

    We arrived safely in Dehradun on the train on Saturday afternoon, and have spent the last two days getting acclimated to the city we will be exploring for the next week.  We received a warm welcome at Welham Girls School on Saturday, where our nine girls are being hosted.  Later in the day, the boys headed to Doon School, where we were met by Davan, the exchange student who came to Groton last year.
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  • The Taj Mahal, Old Delhi, Indian Art, and More


    On Thursday (March 8th) we woke up bright and early to go to the Taj Mahal. The line was very long, but there was lots of entertainment such as monkeys. To make things better, we also got authentic chai (Zoe is a fan). Although we missed the majority of the sunrise, we were still struck by the beauty of the Taj Mahal. The light reflects on the Taj Mahal thus it changes color throughout the day, so it was really special to be able to notice the progression throughout the day.
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  • A Busy Introduction to India

    Greetings from Agra!

    We landed in the “World’s 2nd Best Airport” (Delhi) two days ago and have much to report. When we came to, we found ourselves in a hotel with three museums, Terra Cotta, textiles, and artifacts from “daily use”. Perhaps more importantly, the hotel was home to quite a few monkeys! Chris had to fend off a particularly bold one from munching his breakfast… After an orientation with our guide, Shantum we set off to the house where Gandhi spent his last days. We followed concrete markers for the path he walked in his last moments and explored the museum. We then had “high tea” with Dr. Karan Singh, a politician/poet/scholar/naturalist/diplomat. Due to the many hats he wears, he gave us a lecture on Indian politics and history, fielded our questions about population control, and recited a Robert Frost Poem.
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  • India 2018

    Welcome to the India 2018 blog!

    We are gearing up to leave for Logan Airport this evening for our flight to Delhi (via Dubai). Mr. Lamont hosted a Bollywood movie night last night for students who are on campus and we are heading to an Indian lunch shortly.
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