Sunday Rituals: Iglesia & Fútbol

We began the day with breakfast as usual then accompanied our families to Sunday Mass. The chapel was beautiful and it was packed like sardines.
Upon leaving the chapel, we continued with the town towards the plaza. This included dancing, singing and music. There were many bright colors and people dancing.

We went from the church in the center to the large temple in the middle of the plaza. There the locals sang a prayer and continued celebrations.

Following the festival, we walked home with our families and enjoyed a meal celebrating Father’s Day. (P.S. ¡Felíz Día de los Padres!) After some rest and recuperation we marched to the soccer field and proceeded to beat the Peruvians on their home turf.

Ok maybe not… after two hours of getting destroyed by our familias, they made amends by serving us the most delicious dinners we’ve ever had.

Another successful and busy day in the town of Ollantaytambo in the books! We’re excited for more to come. We are honored to pass the baton of leadership to Alex and Ainsley. Have fun, amigos.

Alden & Cornelia