Tareas y Talleres

We began our second Tuesday in Peru by helping our families with various tasks inside the house and out. Some of us were graced with fairly light workloads; others, however, were not so lucky. Kevin, for example, spent approximately seven hours cutting the lawn with a pair of scissors (no joke). Meanwhile, Elena’s morning consisted of peeling 10,000 peas. Alex, Cornelia, and  Ainsley attempted to convince grumpy old tourists (also known as certifiable curmudgeons) to buy products from their families’ stands in the artisanal market.
After lunch, the gang headed back to the local school to continue workshops with younger students and their family members. Workshops were similar to yesterday’s, with Groton students leading activities such as coloring, board games, bracelet making, and sports. A group of six Grotonians were overcome by their younger friends in a game of soccer.

At 5:00, we returned to the ceramics shop to continue our work on last week’s pieces. We used smooth stones and metal scrapers to polish our masterpieces. Ainsley put a bit too much power into the task and now has multiple pieces to take home.

We wrapped up the day with our usual gathering and discussions at El Tambo before heading home for dinner. A few of us were lucky enough to witness an enraged Señor Viacava throw a water thermos at the TV when two Brazil goals were called back (see picture below).

-Eamon & Yumin