Tareas, Talleres, y Cometas

After a filling breakfast with our families, we went to work with them again. Some of us worked in the artisanal markets, while others worked hard baking bread and cooking food. In this photo, our fearless leader, Cornelia, is working her butt off at the market. At the same time, our other strikingly handsome leader, Jorjito, was sitting in another shop, reading his book.
After lunch, we returned to the local school for more lessons with the children of Ollantaytambo. There was even more chess, soccer, bracelet making, and Marinera. All the children had a great time. At the end we took a group photo with all our new friends.

After the lessons, we all gathered at the local stadium to spend more time with the kids, flying kites. As the sun went down over the mountains, we watched as the kids had a great time flying kites.

After the fun with the kites, we returned to El Tambo to discuss our day, and celebrate Elena’s birthday, and our best friend Beto, who had a kid this morning. Everyone was happy when Señora showed up with a delicious cake. We all grubbed hard. We are happy to announce the leaders for tomorrow, leading us to Machu Picchu: Max and Tai!!


Cornelia and Jorjito