Fans come out in droves on reunion weekend.

Sunshine, good tennis, and reunion weekend brought plenty of spectators out to watch the Zeebs go to work.

Doubles got off to a strong start, with #1 and #3 securing smooth victories. #2 doubles shook off some early match jitters and won five games in a row to pick up a win. 3-0 Groton heading into doubles. 

Singles would tilt Groton's way as well. Members of the forms of 94', 99', 04', and 19' were all blown away by the talent they saw in these young hitters. The Zebras would take five of six singles matches to come away with a win.

Groton 8, St. Georges 1.

A special shoutout to the cohort of students, Groton tennis parents, and alums for coming to watch!

Next up: Exeter at home