ISL Powerhouses Go Head to Head

Fans of ISL Tennis have had this one circled on their calendars for months! After last year's epic 5-4 win in the NEPSAC quarterfinals, the Groton girls were poised to come out strong in their most important match for the ISL title defense. The supporters came out in droves, and the girls were overjoyed to see Groton icons Annabel and Amelia Lee in attendance. 

Due to spring long weekend, the match would be played on a Friday evening where the teams would not only battle each other but also the inevitable darkness of night. Doubles kicked off with a dominant performance at #1. The girls started strong and never wavered. #2 would go Nobles way with their free-swinging youth putting on a show. At #3, Groton would hold a steady lead the whole match, ultimately picking up the win with some fantastic net play. 

Taking a 2-1 lead into singles, the fun was just beginning. First to finish was #2, with a near-perfect performance from the Zeebs to defeat a very strong player 6-1, 6-0. Next off the court would be #4. The two young players had near identical styles of play, but Groton would be the one to walk away with the win. #3 was next to finish, with Noble's 8th grade star getting the win. Groton made some fantastic adjustments in the match and will be ready for a rematch if it comes. 

Needing only one more point to seal the win, the Lady Zeebs found themselves in a great position, having won the first set at #1, #5, and #6, but it is never that easy. The Bulldogs would claw back, taking the second set at #1 and #6 and holding a 5-2 lead at #5. #6 was a hard-fought battle, with the Nobles taking the 3rd set tiebreaker. 

All eyes turned to the tiebreaker at #1. Groton took an early lead, with both players mixing in powerful ground strokes and some creative consistency. After a nearly 20-shot rally, Groton's ace stepped into a forehand, pinning her opponent back, then stepped up again, forcing the Nobles #1 to dump a ball into the net. The match was won! Groton takes it again. To ice the cake, no more than a minute after the win at #1, Groton's #5 completed the second set comeback, winning 7-5 as complete darkness set in.

There is still more work to do this year, but the Groton girls can breathe a sigh of relief after their big win. They celebrated with snacks and pizza on the ride home, and they are excited to take off for a long weekend. The team hopes to return refreshed and ready to finish the year strong.

Next match: 5/1 at home against Brooks.