Roll Zeebs up North

The Lady Zeebs took their talents up north to the capital city of New Hampshire, and they came back home with another convincing win.

The St. Pauls hitters battled hard and showed great spirit and energy, but Groton was able to ward off the elements and their opponents affable charm to secure the win. 

Singles matches were played first to avoid potential stoppages due to weather. But as Coach Holmes always says, "It ain't rainin' 'til it's rainin'." It would be straight-set wins at each position in singles.

Temperatures kept dropping, but the level stayed hot. Doubles was an inspired effort, with Groton taking all three positions. 

After a joyous time spent on a nearby swing set and an exhilarating finish to the JV match, the girls came home with a 4-0 record.

Up next is cross-town rival Lawrence Academy. The battle for Groton Township!