The Christopher Brodigan Gallery Archive

“You Mean You Don’t See Them” by Larry Blizard

September 17 through November 16, 2012

Artist Larry Blizard says he finds it especially gratifying to produce an image that appears spontaneously executed. “While a painting is a summing up, an accumulation of many small steps resulting in a conclusion, a drawing gives the impression of the artist’s thoughts, manifesting themselves moment by moment,” he says. “ Thus, the drawing becomes a kind of intimate conversation between two ‘friends’ (the artist and the viewer), while painting achieves the status of a formal address.”
Blizard creates narrative art with simple tools—nothing digital or overtly novel—and often puts non-humans in human situations. “My current work involves using critters in everyday situations,” he explains, “inspired by my observation of small creatures struggling to survive in an increasingly urbanized environment.”

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