William F. Maguire

COACH 1985–2017
Bill “Fire” Maguire was a teacher and cross-country running coach for over thirty years at Groton. From 2008 to 2017, he also created, led, and grew the spring track program. During his time as cross-country coach, he achieved a remarkable record of 256 wins with only sixty-three losses. His teams won the ISL championships twice and the New England championship thirteen times. His was a constant presence in the woods of the Triangle and the surrounding trails.

Like all great coaches, Fire achieved success in part by teaching students the value of perseverance and training. Perhaps more importantly, however, he created a supportive culture that naturally led to wins. His teams developed a camaraderie that enabled a group of students in the most individualistic of sports to come together and achieve success. Whether on distance runs along the Nashua River or during intense interval workouts around the Circle, his teams managed both to have fun and work hard at the same time.

Ultimately, through humor, sarcasm, and a genuine, easy friendship with students that would span decades, he fostered a passion and reverence for the sport. As described by a fellow coach, “Fire coached as a good teacher teaches, through relationships and humor and delight and faith that the seemingly absurd act of running through the wood has intrinsic merit—which, of course, it does.”