• Baseball - JV

    2024 - 2025
    Head Coach: Ron Mazzaferro

    The JV baseball team aims to develop and strengthen players’ individual skills while deepening understanding of the great game of baseball.
    During practices, in addition to working to improve players’ swings and bat speed, we practice hitting, bunting, and base-running in different game situations. Defensively, we focus on making sure players have good form, particularly in terms of proper footwork in the infield and outfield, as well as on providing opportunities to practice in game-like scenarios. We are particularly vigilant about proper arm care for our pitchers, both in terms of learning proper technique in their delivery and having a safe and healthy workload in practices and games.
    Our goal is to provide players interested in trying out for varsity with the skills and knowledge to be successful, while also providing a positive learning experience for those who prefer to continue at the JV level. Above all, we hope to promote good sportsmanship and a supportive team dynamic that allows players to have fun while gaining experience.



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