• Swimming - Varsity

    2024 - 2025
    Head Coach: Katherine O'Shea

    Captains for 2023–24: Georgia Martin, Paopao Zhang, Eric Ge, Christopher Hovet

    Groton School’s varsity swim team took root as a club-level sport in 2008. Thanks to the passion of those first Groton swimmers and the talent of dedicated coaches, the team grew, competed successfully, and in 2014 was officially recognized as a varsity sport. Since then, high-caliber swimmers from around the world have joined the team, which competes aggressively in the New England Prep School Swimming and Diving Association (NEPSSA), a league that includes schools such as Phillips Exeter, Andover, and Deerfield Academy. In addition to NEPSSA, Groton swimmers participate in MetroWest Swim League (MWSL) competitions, which involve meets in Massachusetts towns such as Concord, Lexington, and Wayland.
    Groton School’s varsity swimmers typically participate in five to six competitions per season, preparing for each with the work ethic, dedication, passion, and perseverance that one would expect from the Groton School athletics program.
    Our unique and well-rounded program emphasizes a variety of different aspects of training—from the typical yardage grind to extensive technical instruction, which breaks down the finer aspects of modern swim mechanics and teaches swimmers how to improve their stroke. Swimmers also participate in dryland conditioning (weight lifting, bodyweight exercises, yoga, etc.). We believe that proper technique and functional strength are essential to the success of today’s young swimmer, and our athletes are not only able to achieve faster times, but also learn skills necessary to succeed in sport and in life.
    Our goals are to:

    • Develop faster swimmers able to achieve personal goals and time standards
    • Develop swimmers with strength of body, mind, and character who can succeed even when things get challenging and who can meet Groton’s high standards of academic and athletic excellence
    • Further develop athletes’ love for the sport of swimming through top-notch training . . . and having fun



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