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A partnership with Bishops High School in Rukungiri, Uganda, provides Groton students with an opportunity to interact with Ugandan students on the soccer field, in the classrooms, and in homes.

Rukungiri is in an agricultural region in the Southwestern part of the country, where most families farm small plots of land. The rolling hills, with cows grazing in green pastures, gives one the impression of an equatorial Vermont. With a rapidly growing population and a limited amount of farmland, this region is looking to education to provide the skills necessary for its young people to find jobs outside of agriculture. Bishops School, a growing high school, is trying to meet this need.

In Uganda, Groton students have worked on English with small groups of Bishops' students. They also have helped paint classrooms and demonstrated environmentally friendly wood cooking stoves to students and local villagers.

Next summer’s groups will continue with these activities but there also is the opportunity to become involved with the Bishops School’s very well developed choral and dance programs.

Homestays were an important part of the student experience in Rukungiri. Each Groton student was paired with a Bishops student of the same age and spent 5 nights in that student’s home after school experiencing the daily family routine. These homestays will be continued next year.

The warmth and friendliness that the Groton students experienced in Rukungiri made them feel welcomed and safe. Bishops School is excited to welcome a new group of Groton students into their community next summer.

Groton's Global Education Opportunity (GEO) to Uganda occurs every other year, alternating with the GEO to the Tanzania.
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