Global Education

Our mission is to help Groton School students become caring, ethical, and knowledgeable citizens of the world through service learning, cultural exchanges, and travel.

Our students participate in global programs that are ethically, intellectually, emotionally, and physically challenging and rewarding.

Currently, Groton School has programs in China, the Dominican Republic, France, India, Italy, Peru, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Groton's Global Vision

Groton’s global education initiative rises from the widely acknowledged values that have long animated the school and recognition that, in the 21st century, global awareness and experience matter more than ever before, at all levels of education.

Groton global education is:
  • an essential component of the school’s mandate for the 21st century
  • a vigorous program of experiential (activity-based) learning outside the United States
  • a geographically and culturally diverse profile of experiences
  • integrated with curriculum when possible
  • accessible to all students
For more than a decade, Groton students have traveled on school-sponsored Global Education Opportunities (GEOs), visiting six continents. Groups become a mutually reliant team, learning together and sharing the experience with local hosts. The learning experience aims to rise above intellectual, artistic, service, or athletic purposes; at its core, it teaches students to exercise good judgment, to value justice, and to share with other communities.

Groton's Global Education Opportunities (GEOs) help students understand cultural, socioeconomic, and political disparities throughout the world. The communities visited are not backdrops to the student experience, but rather full partners in our endeavors.

Global Ed Trip Blogs

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