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    Founded as an Episcopal school, Groton today welcomes and supports people of many faiths. St. John's Chapela Henry Vaughan Gothic Revival masterpiece—was built in the Episcopal tradition and invites all community members to explore and deepen their spirituality, whether through quiet meditation, traditional prayer, or a beautiful piece of music.

    On four weekday mornings, the School begins its day in the Chapel, strengthening the sense of community and offering stillness and refreshment before a busy day. Students, faculty, alumni, or guests deliver powerful Chapel Talks. Whether funny, insightful, challenging, or touching, the talks provide a window to the deeper presence that daily routines sometimes obscure. Many find their time in Chapel among their most cherished daily moments at Groton, a time of comfort, challenge, peace, and rejuvenation.
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Lessons & Carols

The "Service of Nine Lessons & Carols" originated in England in 1880 and has become a Groton tradition. It was revised and expanded by the staff of King's College, Cambridge and presented in its current format in 1918 (partially honoring those killed in the First World War). Students, regardless of their own religious customs, embrace Lessons & Carols for its beauty and its window onto the history and tradition of Groton School.

It is thought that Twining Lynes, Groton's first organist and choirmaster, heard one of the earlier services and instituted it at Groton ten years later, in 1928. It has been presented yearly at Groton since that time. Groton has had only seven organists over that periodTwining Lynes until 1941, Edward Gammons until 1973, Daniel Hathaway until 1976, Craig Smith through mid-2005, Michael Smith through mid-2011, Christopher Hampson, through mid-2014, and Dan Moriarty, our current organist.

Through the years, this service has undergone additions and revisions, but its original intention, to show the development of the loving purpose of God from Creation to the incarnation through the reading of lessons and the singing of carols, both by the congregation the choir, has been maintained. The service, often referred to as a "Devotion of Christmas," is still offered by most cathedrals and large churches in England and is broadcast annually from King's College.

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Chapel Talks

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Groton School is a diverse and intimate community devoted to inspiring lives of character, learning, leadership, and service.
Groton School is recognized as one of America's top boarding schools. It prepares students in grades 8-12 for the "active work of life."