Dear Parents,

Welcome to Groton School. As the deans of students, our primary role is to guide your children and help them find their most productive paths at Groton. We do our best to get to know each of them, which really is possible in a school of our size.

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Frequently Asked Questions

List of 20 frequently asked questions.

  • What do I do if I'm concerned about my child?

    Parents are encouraged to be in touch with their child’s advisor on any matter of concern. Your child’s dorm head is also a valuable resource. Contact information for advisors, dorm heads, and other faculty and staff is in the online directory.
  • How are advisors assigned? Can my child change advisors?

    Groton considers this relationship enormously important and tries to match incoming students with adults according to shared interests or the likelihood that student and advisor will have routine contact throughout the week. Each new student is assigned a faculty advisor for the first year; thereafter, students may request a different advisor. Advisor changes for the following year are managed in the spring through the Deans’ Office; students are instructed on the process if they would like a new advisor.
  • How are dorms supervised?

    Dorm heads are on duty in the dorm three nights a week, and affiliates (other faculty members) cover the dorm on the other three nights. That group of four adults rotates duty on Saturday nights. When you arrive in September, you will receive a card with the names and phone numbers of your child’s advisor and dorm head, as well as other important numbers.
  • What should my child wear?

    “Morning School Dress” refers to the dress code for the academic day, from 8 a.m. to 3:10 p.m., when dress should reflect the serious purpose of classroom study. For classes and most meals, boys must wear collared shirts and/or sweaters, and pants, such as khakis or corduroys. Girls must wear appropriate tops, pants, skirts, and dresses. T-shirts and jeans (blue or black) are not allowed for “Morning School Dress,” though they are acceptable during nonacademic hours.

    For Sunday Chapel, boys wear suits or coats and ties with trousers and nonathletic shoes. Girls wear dresses or skirts or slacks with a blouse or sweater. Chapel dress should reflect the respectful attitude expected in a religious service.

    Throughout the fall and spring terms, students and faculty gather for family-style “sit-down” dinners once a week. Morning school dress or Sunday Chapel dress is appropriate for “sit-down” meals.

    New England weather is variable: students will want to have shorts and short-sleeved shirts for early fall and late spring, and pants, warm sweaters, a warm winter coat, snow boots, a hat, and a pair of gloves for the months in between, as well as dresses/skirts or coats and ties for Sunday Chapel and special events. All students are expected to participate in sports and therefore should bring athletic clothing and gear, if possible. Limited items are available for purchase at School.
  • What about linens and laundry?

    Students may use the E&R laundry service. E&R can wash sheets and clothing and can dry clean, depending on the program selected. E&R collects laundry on Friday mornings and returns it to School on Tuesday mornings. If you sign up for E&R’s service, you need not provide linens or pillows, but many students prefer to bring their own bedding anyhow. (Mattresses are twin size, 74 inches long.) E&R sends information to parents directly.
    All students should bring a laundry bag or baskest. Many students prefer to do their own laundry, and facilities are available in each dorm. Bring detergent and quarters for the washers and dryers. Each load costs about $2.
  • Does my child need a cell phone?

    Though they are not required, most students carry cell phones. The School provides limited land-line phone service, but cell phones or calling cards are recommended for long distance phone calls. Check the Guide to Groton for specific guidelines on cellular phone usage. Boarding students may make special arrangements with the Technology Department to use their own land-line phones in their dorm rooms for local and toll-free/calling card service only.
  • What electronics should my child bring?

    Students should bring an alarm clock; they should not rely on their cell phone alarm because in some dorms phones are not permitted in the room after lights-out. A sturdy desk lamp is advisable too.

    More important is what they should not bring: TVs, coffee pots, hotpots, toasters, hot plates, refrigerators, rice cookers, and microwaves are not permitted and will be confiscated.

    Game systems and large computer monitors (typically used as movie or game screens) also are forbidden. Please help us keep your child focused in an age of potentially overwhelming distractions.
  • Can my child bring extra furniture?

    In the Second and Third Form rooms, extra furniture is strictly forbidden. Some Upper School rooms can accommodate an extra piece of furniture; the School strictly forbids more than one sofa in a room. Pull-out sofas are not allowed. It’s best not to bring furniture in the fall; wait until you assess both needs and the space available. The School does not provide summer storage for furniture on campus. Please keep this in mind when deciding what to bring.

    All rooms have a bed, bureau, closet, desk, and chair (only Second Formers do not have desks and chairs because they have Study Hall in the Schoolhouse). Bureaus have four or five drawers, and closets have hanging space and shelves for a modest-sized wardrobe.
  • Can s/he keep a bike on campus?

    Yes, but during the winter, all bikes must be stored in dormitory basements. During fall and spring, bikes must be locked into the bike racks around campus. If you bring a bike, you must bring a lock and a helmet.
  • Should s/he bring snacks?

    This is not necessary, but many students bring a small supply of snacks. Most dorm kitchenettes have a sink, microwave, cupboards, and a small refrigerator.
  • Is there storage space in the dorms?

    Storage space is limited: please discourage your child from bringing unnecessary items and excessive amounts of clothing. If possible, do not bring clothing for all seasons at once.

    Students who must travel home by airplane are permitted a limited amount of storage space over the summer. For students who have items that do not fit in the allotted space, or for those who wish to store items over the summer despite their home's relative proximity to Groton, off-site storage is available, for a fee.
  • How do students handle money?

    Student ID cards are also debit cards that parents can preload with funding. Students may use the cards in the school store, athletic store, or to withdraw cash at the mailroom window. Parents can deposit to their child’s debit card accounts either online (throughwww.mykidsspending.com) or by writing a check to the School. More information is available on the Business Office page. Students may withdraw up to $30 per day and $50 per week. In the Athletic Center, there is a First Republic ATM.
  • How will my child receive his/her mail?

    Each student has a mailbox in the mailroom. Stamps are sold at the mailroom window, and personnel can help students who need to use UPS or Federal Express. If a student receives a fax, it will be delivered to his or her mailbox. Every student has a Groton email account.
  • What if students lose something?

    Label everything. Every item should have your child’s name sewn, written, or etched on it. The School is not responsible for reimbursing people for lost or damaged articles, so students must care for and keep track of their belongings. A student should notify the Deans’ Office if he or she believes an item has been deliberately taken.
  • How will my child get home for vacations and Long Weekends?

    At the beginning of vacations and Long Weekends, the School sends buses to New York City, Connecticut, Boston, Logan Airport, and the Manchester (NH) airport. Most breaks begin at 11:30 a.m., so you must never schedule a departing flight before 2 p.m.
    Occasionally, athletic games or tournaments fall on the afternoon when vacations or Long Weekends begin, so please check with your child before finalizing travel plans.
    After vacations, buses return to School from New York City, Connecticut, Logan, and Manchester. See the Guide to Groton for specific schedule information.
  • Can my child leave School a bit early?

    No. Please do not request early departures or late returns for vacations or Long Weekends. The School will not allow students flying abroad to depart from School on early morning flights; no student flying abroad may leave before classes end. If you anticipate difficulties, please contact one of the deans.
  • Can my child stay on campus during breaks?

    Students may not remain on campus during the Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter Long Weekend and March vacations because School closes. Please make plans in advance and let the Deans’ Office know if you foresee any difficulty for your child. Students must not return before dorms officially reopen.
  • Can the School escort my child through the airport?

    Some airlines require that children under 15 be accompanied or escorted by someone 18 or older. Groton School cannot routinely provide such an escort. Please research the airline you are using and contact a dean immediately if you foresee difficulty. On occasion—if provided with information at least two weeks in advance—the School can arrange for a local adult to accompany a student to the airport and serve as his/her guardian. Families must pay these adults directly. The School is not always able to assist in these situations. It is your responsibility to contact the Deans’ Office regarding these matters.
  • Can I hire the School bus company myself?

    Buckingham Bus, our local transporter, is a small company operating in a small town. At heavy travel times (vacations and Long Weekends), the company does not have the resources to provide individualized transportation, so please plan on having your child use the buses at the times we have organized. The accommodation guide offers some suggestions for transportation in special cases, when School-provided buses may not be available.
  • Can I order a birthday cake for my child?

    You are welcome to ship baked goods from anywhere. We often refer to a local baker, Robin Marley (978-433-5638), although she is available only from April 1 through Dec 31.

Important Dates

Wednesday, November 28
Students return by 9:00 p.m.

Wednesday, December 19
Christmas Vacation (11:30 a.m. departure)

Monday, January 7
Students return by 9:00 p.m.

Thursday, February 7
Winter Long Weekend (11:30 a.m. departure)

Monday, February 11
Students return by 9:00 p.m.

Saturday, March 2
Spring Vacation (11:30 a.m. departure)
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