W. Homer and Helena P. Smith Chair in Chemistry

The W. Homer and Helena P. Smith Chair in Chemistry was established in 1995 through the generosity of Homer P. Smith ’25 in memory of his parents. Since 1998, Sandra L. Kelly has held this Chair.
Sandra Kelly came to Groton in 1998 as an interim teacher, having just completed a two-year, post-doctoral position in analytical chemistry at Tufts University.  Thirteen years later, she teaches introductory chemistry, AP Chemistry, and has sponsored tutorials on topics ranging from biochemistry to food chemistry. Sandra currently holds the W. Homer and Helena P. Smith Chemistry Chair. Sandra has a BS from the University of Indianapolis and a PhD from Washington University. She is a head of Kelly’s Dorm, an Upper School girls residence. She is married to Bob Kelly and has two children, Aiden, 6, and Rylee , 2. 

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