Lawrence Family Chair in History and World Affairs

The Lawrence Family Chair in History and World Affairs was established in 1988 through the generosity of James Lawrence ’26 and John Lawrence ’27, children of James and John, and John’s son-in-law, Ferdinand Colloredo-Mansfeld. Since 2000, Thomas S. Lamont has held this Chair.
Thomas Lamont earned his BA in history from Harvard University in 1983 and his M.Phil. in history from the University of Oxford in 1991. He teaches American history and world history, as well as electives on modern China, modern India, and international relations. Tom also has taught courses on the Holocaust, modern Russia, and modern Japan, and has traveled extensively around the globe, including trips with students to China, Japan, India, and Haiti. He holds the Lawrence Family Chair in History and World Affairs. Tom coaches football and has coached crew, basketball, soccer, squash, and baseball. He and his wife, Barbara, ran a third form boys dormitory at Groton for ten years. All three of their children are Groton graduates. Tom enjoys foreign films, sailing, and playing loud and fast rock and roll.

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